Tiffany Kemp Contracting Expert | Negotiator | International Speaker | Educator

Learn from an expert in smoothing business relationships through the use of contracts

Tiffany Kemp is an international speaker, educator, author and contract expert. She is an advocate for using clear, well written contracts to smooth business relationships to the benefit of both parties, making business much more pleasurable and to help forge strong, cooperative relationships for future business deals. Find out more about her approach and background here.

Building Resilience Through Everyday Adventures

Business relationships start with individuals. To even contemplate growing your business, you need to take careof your staff. Tiffany Kemp has a new take on ‘Building resilience through everyday adventures’, to help you strengthen and empower your teams so they can live their best, most productive lives.

As the world becomes more interconnected and each product and service we deliver and buy is just one component in a complex whole, we can no longer get away with transactional business relationships and adversarial negotiations. If you’d like your audience to gain solid takeaway strategies on how to use contracts and the negotiation process to build lasting business relationships and make deals more profitable, enjoyable and satisfying for all involved, then you need to book Tiffany Kemp’s keynote – ‘Want to close a killer sale? Take out a contract.’

How do you develop win-win, value-adding, collaborative relationships when you’re communicating online and via email, never getting to meet the people you’re collaborating with? Your team will learn the secrets of doing exactly that, in ‘Why liars prefer email‘.

“Tiffany was an extremely good presenter, giving actual scenarios and delivering with passion, enthusiasm and a sense of humour. Both enjoyable and interesting.”
Louise Fitzsimmons, Marks and Spencer
“Tiffany had a very engaging style and fielded all the questions well. She made the subject interesting and informative; an excellent 5 star presenter.”
Jeff Dack, Lockheed Martin

Are you looking for a conference speech for your sales, business or legal event that:

  • is new, innovative and highly relevant to today’s audiences
  • adds value to each member of the audience and to your organisation
  • is delivered by a skilled and experienced speaker who makes complex concepts easy and instinctive to grasp, using humour, warmth and storytelling to entertain as she educates?

Tiffany Kemp tackles a topic that is rapidly becoming the newest source of value for organisations around the globe. What’s more, she does so with humour, energy and insight, leaving audiences inspired and empowered to build stronger, more profitable commercial relationships – and stronger, more resilient selves.


  • By tackling the challenge of how organisations sell to and contract with each other to build long-term profitable relationships
  • By helping you build trust and rapport at a distance – accepting that relationship building is no longer a primarily face-to-face experience!
  • By giving your teams tools to help them build resilience, finding adventure in everyday activity to weather the storms and stresses of modern life

To see how Tiffany can enhance your event, contact her now.