Tiffany Kemp



We all know what can happen when contracts go wrong.

  • Hours, days or weeks of extra work
  • Mounting costs eating your profit
  • Threat of litigation
  • Your reputation tarnished
  • Cash flow problems
  • Stress and worry

I can transform your relationship with contracts

tiffany kemp headshotiaccm endorsed logoMy name is Tiffany Kemp and if I’ve learned anything over the last twenty years of contract work, it’s that as well as formalising business communications, good contract practices can reduce costs, improve your bottom line and help create solid business relationships that pay dividends in the future. Whatever your size of business, knowledge of how contracts work is vital to the smooth running of your company.

I’ll teach you how to draft, review and negotiate contracts and give you skills and knowledge that you’ll use every single day.

It's easy to get on the road to complete contract confidence

Online resources, books, public courses and bespoke in house training.

There is no feeling like being able to hold your head high in the boardroom and when meeting with the lawyers.

Let me lead you through the maze of legal language and onwards to complete contract clarity.

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'The Three Things Your Business Contract Must Have!'

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three necessities for your contract