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'Deal Makers: How intelligent use of contracts can help you sell more and deliver better.'

deal makers contract bookA book on how intelligent use of contracts can help you sell more and deliver better!

Build Stronger Relationships

In this straightforward and highly practical look at how contracts are used in everyday business life, I’ll show you how to use contracts to help us build stronger, more profitable relationships with our customers.

If you’ve ever wondered why the lawyers object to you offering clients your ‘best endeavours’, or why ‘time is of the essence’ means more than just ‘get a move on!’, you’ll find this book an invaluable and very readable companion to your commercial negotiations.

Deliver Profitable Deals

And if you’ve always considered your legal or commercial department to be the ‘Sales Prevention Squad’, you’ll learn how they can become your greatest allies in closing and delivering profitable deals.

Praise for 'Deal Makers...'

“Many sales people find contracts intimidating, or something to be avoided until the last moment. They are often hard to understand and full of unpleasant threats. Yet there are some who use contracts to establish competitive advantage and sustain positive relationships. This book will equip its readers to grasp these benefits, turning the contract and its negotiation into a tool for winning. Read it now!”
– Tim Cummins, President, International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

“What a wonderful and hugely practical book. I have run my own business for 25 years but learnt so much from the first few chapters, never mind the rest.
The quick summaries are extremely helpful for reminding you what to look for, whereas this is a book that should permanently live on your desk, and given as a must have to anyone who touches your contracts.”
– Jo Haigh LLB AAT ACS CF, Corporate Financier, Author, Speaker, Partner FDS CFS

“Tiffany’s book is like one of those Swiss army knives, it contains plenty of tools and you may find yourself using one of them every day. Resourceful sales people will soon have it in their pocket!”
– Anne Jeanpetit – Contracts and Negotiation – Microsoft

“There are many books on the art and science of selling, but whilst hooking the fish is one thing, landing the catch is another.  In this book Tiffany aims high and delivers pragmatic guidance on securing the contract and building relationships, both within an organisation and with its customers.  She does not shy away from explaining notoriously knotty issues such as limitations of liability and contract indemnities. In her inimitable and open style Tiffany draws on her experience to convey the messages in a remarkably concise, clear and memorable way.  Lawyers, both in-house and external, would be well advised to encourage their clients’ sales team to read and digest this!”
– David Berry, Partner, Charles Russell LLP

“I thought I knew this stuff, until I started reading. This book was a great refresher in parts, filled in some gaps and exploded some myths.
As someone who has to manage the tensions within bid teams, as well as with external parties, I can see me handing this out as a form of ‘marriage guidance.’”
– Liz Benison, President, UK AND IRELAND, CSC

“A concise and user-friendly introduction to dealing with Business Contracts in layman’s language. Invaluable for anyone involved in the contract negotiating process, helping them to decide when external legal advisors need to be involved and how much can be safely dealt with internally. Lots of useful summaries and all the key issues are covered in a clear easy to read manner.”
– Peter Lingham, Managing Director, The NAV People

“In my role I have an increasing level of responsibility for the agreement of our contracts. Before reading this book I felt I understood the contractual terms involved but was aware that I didn’t have a great depth of knowledge regarding the cause and effect of each one. The book certainly helped on that front, but it’s greatest value to me was in setting out how useful an understanding of contracts, and the actual document itself, can be in the sales process, as opposed to a necessary evil that will only cause problems when you thought the end was in sight.
The clarity and logical sense this book applies to each aspect of the contract document made it both an enjoyable and enlightening read.”
– Daniel Hosking, Account Director, Questers Group

“As someone who normally cannot get going with ‘self-development’ books and whose mind normally wonders off to other things, I can’t actually stop reading! I’m taking so much on board, thanks to the blend of language, examples and stories. Genius!”
– Amanda Beswick, Account Director, Xerox

'Essential Contract Drafting Skills.'

essential contract drafting skills bookHave you ever read a contract clause three times, and still been none the wiser about what it means? While consumer contracts are becoming more accessible, with companies employing more creative drafting and layout techniques, many business to business contracts remain stuck in the dark ages of legalese and Latin phrases.

This book is for everyone who drafts and amends contracts. It will encourage you to focus on creating usable documents that meet essential business needs. By freeing you from the straitjacket of ‘tested in court’ terminology, it will inspire you to flex your creative muscles and draft clear, unambiguous and readable contracts.