One to One Coaching and Training

Develop the commercial contracting skills you need with private, one-to-one coaching

Is this programme for me?

If you:

  • wish to develop your deep knowledge, skills, confidence and expertise in contract law, contract management, contract drafting and/or negotiation;
  • are highly motivated to accelerate your own professional development; and
  • are short on time, requiring high-impact interventions that last

– then yes, it’s for you!

tiffany training contract lawI will work with you to define a programme that will meet your specific needs. You’ll focus on the areas specific to your industry and your daily workload with tailored content that supports your business and professional objectives.

I’ll support your learning, challenge your thinking and hone your skills, enabling you to boost your performance in all areas of contract law, contract management, contract drafting and negotiation.

Whether you’re new to the discipline or an experienced master, your personal, one-to-one TiffCo learning programme will drive you forward to the next level.

"I found Tiffany to be engaging, knowledgeable and approachable, and have come away from the course wanting more! I would recommend the course to anyone in the early stages of their career in the commercial contract arena or who wants to refresh or validate their skills as I did.”
Rachel Millward

Why work with me one-to-one?
My public and in-house workshops are highly sought-after, the one-to-one training and coaching sessions provide a unique opportunity to fast-track your learning. Intense, private and focused, one-to-one sessions enable you to get right to the heart of the issues affecting your professional performance and develop the skills, knowledge and expertise you need to shine.

Working with colleagues and managers is hugely valuable in your personal development, and often they will be able to give you feedback and support that accelerates your learning. But they have their ‘day jobs’, and time to focus purely on you, and your needs, is at a premium.

With a coaching programme specifically dedicated to addressing your professional objectives, you’ll find yourself growing in confidence and competence. You’ll become more consciously aware of the decisions you’re making and the actions you’re taking, and their possible alternatives. As you progress through your programme, you’ll be able to anticipate the questions Tiffany would be asking, and address them in real time, during your working day!


Grow in confidence and competence


How does it work?
When we’ve agreed the agenda for your personal TiffCo learning programme, we’ll set out our schedule together. Each session is a minimum of 1.5 hours long.

Sessions will take place via Zoom. Each session can be recorded, enabling you to go back over difficult topics, refresh your memory and review and revise your learning. You’ll also receive an auto transcript of the session for further reference.

In between your one-to-one learning sessions, you’ll be given assignments to complete. These help to cement your learning, giving you an opportunity to practice your skills and develop your expertise.

What is the investment?
One session is £400. Book a block of  three for £1125 or six sessions for £2025. This includes session preparations, review of assignments and managing your programme.

For most of my clients, a coaching programme will typically last for between 6 and 24 sessions which gives us time to cover all the bases as regards your knowledge of the world of contract law.

The sessions usually scheduled once every 2-4 weeks so that you have plenty of time to practice and experiment with the skills and knowledge you’re developing.



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