Contract Law Training Courses
- online and in person (soon!)

Public Courses

As soon as we are able we will be publishing dates for our hugely popular central London public workshops in Contract Law and Contract Negotiation.

I’ve helped hundreds of business people from all industries (contractual novices and masters alike!) to get better at understanding, drafting and negotiating contracts.

How? By drawing on over 30 years of experience, hundreds of contracts drafted, deals negotiated, successes and failures. And using stories, analogies and case studies to bring that experience to life. 

"...homeward bound after two very insightful and very productive days learning more about contract drafting with the very brilliant Tiffany Kemp. For anyone who is involved in negotiating or drafting commercial contracts of any size, scope or complexity. Or if you simply want to learn more about the art and skill of commercial contract drafting, then I would wholeheartedly recommend TiffCo."
Chris Snookes

Remote Training

We are pleased to be able to offer elearning and remote tuition in contract law, negotiation and related subjects by Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams or your choice of conference provider.

Working from a professional studio using state of the art equipment we’re able to provide a top level interactive and personalised learning experience for you and your colleagues.

Our contract law and contract negotiation programmes can be tailored to your industry and to your company needs. Empower your team with in depth contract law knowledge. Get in touch to discuss.

“The format was excellent. A relaxed atmosphere was created, where it was easy to ask questions and exchange experiences and views.”
Beverley Light
“The format was excellent. A relaxed atmosphere was created, where it was easy to ask questions and exchange experiences and views.”
Beverley Light

Bespoke In-house 

As soon as we’re able to meet in person again, I’d be delighted to schedule a bespoke in house training course for your team. Reviewing, negotiating and managing contracts can be a challenge for directors, managers and staff who have to structure and negotiate new deals and manage existing ones.

To learn how to make your commercial relationships work more profitably, we can deliver tailored programmes that address the issues faced by your commercial and contracting teams, project managers and others who have to work with contracts.
Sales directors and managers who’ve been negotiating contracts for many years, but without any formal training, will also find that they learn more than they expect! Our training has been described as ‘myth-busting’, shedding light on many of those legal topics you thought you understood…

“Tiffany has both a business and legal background and was able to address the concerns and queries of the participants a lot better than a lawyer may have done. She prepared and presented well, was able to answer our specific queries or point us in the right direction, adopted a flexible and interactive approach and made the learning experience entertaining.”
Richard Dietrich
Roughton International