Contract Law, Drafting and Negotiation Training

Contract Law Training

This course is perfect for you if – 

  • You’re worried you’ll miss vital legal risks
  • You’ve not had specific contract law training
  • You find dealing with lawyers intimidating
  • You have to deal with higher value or riskier contracts
contract training course

What’s covered?

The Contract Law Course will teach you how to review, understand and amend commercial contracts and statements of work. You will:

• Understand contractual terms and their impact on the business

• Analyse commercial risks and opportunities in terms of your own business environment

• Identify ‘profit munchers’ 🙂

• Be able to propose appropriate means to mitigate risks

• Discover how to review third party contracts effectively

• Gain confidence in challenging unacceptable terms

• Identify hidden problems with Group Framework Agreements, and how to tackle them

• Build your confidence through practice!

Contract Drafting Training

This course is perfect for you if – 

  • You’re worried you’re unable to draft effective contracts
  • You’ve not had specific drafting training
  • You find dealing with lawyers intimidating
  • You have to deal with higher value or riskier contracts
contract drafting course

What’s covered?

The Contract Drafting Course will teach you how to prepare and amend commercial contracts and statements of work. You will:

• Understand when to use different contract structures, including LoIs, Ts&Cs, Deeds and Framework Contracts

• Learn to simplify and clarify over-complex drafting

• Identify hidden problems with Group Framework Agreements, and how to tackle them

• Understand legal terminology and use it appropriately

• Develop your drafting skills to write more clearly for your target audiences

• Learn the 3 steps to preparing clear and effective Statements of Work

• Gain skills to prepare clear and effective Liquidated Damages and Service Credit provisions

• Service Level Agreement provisions

• Become a competent proof reader of contract documents

• Build your confidence through practice!

Contract Negotiation Training

This course is perfect for you if – 

  • You feel intimidated during negotiations
  • You’re sick of fighting about indemnities!
  • Deals take too long to close
  • You think ‘collaborative negotiation’ is an oxymoron
contract negotiation training

What’s covered?

This Contract Negotiation Course will teach you how to negotiate commercial contracts and statements of work. You will:

  • Understand the process of negotiation
  • Explore different styles of negotiation
  • Identify negotiating objectives (positions vs interests), and develop questioning and listening skills to explore them effectively
  • Understand how to identify, create and trade value, solving mutual problems for maximum benefit
  • Know how to deal with common negotiating tactics, styles and roadblocks
  • Manage stakeholders and team negotiations to avoid ‘own goals’
  • Develop skills to transform each negotiation into a source of economic and relationship advantage
  • Gain confidence to structure, plan, execute and manage negotiations pro-actively to shorten deal cycle-times
  • Improve your practical negotiation skills on email, video/web, telephone and face to face, ensuring each communication channel is used at the right time and in the right way to secure maximum negotiation progress
  • Benefit from the latest research in all these areas together with intensive, hands-on opportunities to put your learning into practice
  • Build your confidence through practice!

'Hold on to your profits and stay out of court'

A special TiffCo course for senior management and board members

This course is aimed at business leaders, company directors, and those heading sales, commercial and delivery functions.


senior management contract trainingThe vast majority of commercial negotiation (outside large corporates) is conducted not by lawyers, but by business people. That means people like you – business owners, company directors, sales managers and even project managers.

Whether we look at high-value new contracts or lower-value contract changes, the real relationship building, deal structuring and boundary setting is in the hands of business people who have had little or no formal training in contract law.

Does this matter?

Most deals progress relatively smoothly, with problems being ironed out amicably between the parties. But many others suffer hiccups and challenges where the cost of putting things right usually sits with the supplier – regardless of whether they are at fault or not. Relatively few get to court, but on the spectrum between ‘complete success’ and ‘total failure’, enough deals fall into the ‘not as profitable as it should have been’ sector to make it worth paying some attention to the reasons problems arise, and what we can do to prevent them.

In this highly interactive, challenging and entertaining session, Tiffany will encourage you to explore some of the contractual ‘profit munchers’ that affect your business. Focussing on the nuts and bolts issues that eat your margin and expose you to risk of dispute (and, in the worst case, uninsured litigation), she will share some ‘quick wins’ and golden rules to help your business hold onto its profit and stay out of court.

Session content

  1. What really matters?
    • Anatomy of a good deal
    • How do you measure success?
    • The contract as weapon, door stop or ‘user guide for the commercial relationship’
  1. Where did it all go wrong?
    • Insights into recent ‘big failures’ – diamonds, gas and media
    • Common sources of deal failure
    • What lawyers don’t tell you about insurance
  1. The cost of poor contracting
    • The invisible value leakage that eats your profits
    • How much more could your business be worth?
  1. How can you keep your profit and safeguard your business while making sure your clients still ‘feel the love’?
    • Using the contract to create great deals
    • Five key contract secrets to protect your business


At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Never look at a contract the same way again!
  • Use the contract negotiation process as an opportunity to build strong and profitable relationships with your clients and suppliers
  • Spot ‘profit munchers’ and contract risks early in the negotiation process, and take constructive steps to address them
  • Take a good look at your existing contracts and insurance policies, to identify potential risk areas and plan how to avoid potential disaster
  • Improve your ‘profit delivered’ from each deal, while increasing your clients’ perception of the value and professionalism offered by your company!

Format and duration

boardroom training course in contract lawThis session is best delivered in-person in an interactive round-table session (either boardroom or cabaret style) with up to fifteen delegates. Remote training can be arranged of course.

Tiffany uses a combination of high-level slides (to provide the framework), small group exercises and whole group discussion to ensure that all delegates are fully engaged. The structure of this session ensures that all delegates benefit from the considerable experience and expertise of their peers, while Tiffany challenges them to push their thinking further and explore new ways of empowering their business to function at a higher level.

This event can be scaled to take place over 3hrs or a full day, depending on the requirements of the group.

All courses can be delivered as –

Remote Training

We are pleased to be able to offer elearning and remote tuition in contract law, negotiation and related subjects by Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams or your choice of conference provider.

Working from a professional studio using state of the art equipment we’re able to provide a top level interactive and personalised learning experience for you and your colleagues.

Our contract law and contract negotiation programmes can be tailored to your industry and to your company needs. Empower your team with in depth contract law knowledge. Get in touch to discuss.

“The format was excellent. A relaxed atmosphere was created, where it was easy to ask questions and exchange experiences and views.”
Beverley Light

In Person Training

Live, in-person tuition and training courses can be booked for your team. Reviewing, negotiating and managing contracts can be a challenge for directors, managers and staff who have to structure and negotiate new deals and manage existing ones.

To learn how to make your commercial relationships work more profitably, we can deliver tailored programmes that address the issues faced by your commercial and contracting teams, project managers and others who have to work with contracts.

Our training has been described as ‘myth-busting’, shedding light on many of those legal topics you thought you understood…

“Tiffany has both a business and legal background and was able to address the concerns and queries of the participants a lot better than a lawyer may have done. She prepared and presented well, was able to answer our specific queries or point us in the right direction, adopted a flexible and interactive approach and made the learning experience entertaining.”
Richard Dietrich
Roughton International