Contract Law and Drafting Public Course


Contract Law and Drafting Public Course


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A two day Contract Law and Drafting public training course, held at etc venues, Marble Arch, London, that is designed to give you confidence when dealing with contract law.

This course is perfect for you if –

You’re worried you’ll miss vital legal risks
You’ve not had specific contract law training
You find dealing with lawyers intimidating
You have to deal with higher value or riskier contracts
What’s covered in the Contract Law and Drafting Course?

The Contract Law and Drafting Course will teach you how to review, understand and amend commercial contracts and statements of work. You will:

• Understand contractual terms and their impact on the business
• Analyse commercial risks and opportunities in terms of your own business environment
• Identify ‘profit munchers’
• Be able to propose appropriate means to mitigate risks
• Discover how to review third party contracts effectively
• Gain confidence in challenging unacceptable terms
• Learn to simplify and clarify over-complex drafting
• Understand when to use different contract structures, including LoIs, Ts&Cs, Deeds and Framework Contracts
• Identify hidden problems with Group Framework Agreements, and how to tackle them
• Understand legal terminology and use it appropriately
• Develop your drafting skills to write more clearly for your target audiences
• Learn the 3 steps to preparing clear and effective Statements of Work
• Gain skills to prepare clear and effective Liquidated Damages and Service Credit
• Service Level Agreement provisions
• Become a competent proof reader of contract documents
• Build your confidence through practice!

You will come away with practical tools to help you draft agreements that are clear and unambiguous, helping your organization manage its commercial relationships effectively and profitably.
Each delegate will receive a copy of Tiffany’s books, ‘Deal Makers’ and ‘Essential Contract Drafting Skills’ which provide useful reference resources, both during and after the workshop. They will help you to consolidate your learning, refresh your memory, and clarify anything that has become unclear with the passage of time.

Sample Agenda for the Contract Law and Drafting Course

DAY 1:

08:45 Coffee and registration
09:00 Objectives for today

A Memory Game – get those grey cells working!

Exercise: Buying a commodity
. Consequences of Confusion – the pain of getting it wrong.

A few basic points about contracts:

How they work and what they’re for.
What is a contract?
Does it have to be in writing?
What is the purpose of a contract?
What is the relationship you’re contracting for?

Defining Commercial Relationships – the Three Triangles model.
10:30 COFFEE
10:45 Exercise: Your Three Triangle Terms
Who Does What When?

Vendor Responsibilities
The importance of clear specifications and change control
Purchaser Responsibilities
Intellectual Property
The importance of timing

When Does Payment Occur?

Defining Milestones
Good Acceptance Criteria
Readiness for Invoicing
Taxes and other payment headaches

12:30 LUNCH
13:15 Exercise: Comparing vendor and purchaser acceptance provisions
What Happens if Things Go Wrong?

Warranties and warranty remedies
Limiting liability

15:15 COFFEE

Liquidated Damages
Applicable law and dispute resolution
Survival provisions and other boilerplate

Exercise: Comparing vendor and purchaser warranty provisions
Wrap-up and Review of Objectives
17:30 END OF DAY 1


DAY 2:

08:45 Coffee and registration
09:00 Recap on Day 1
Contract Structure:

Choosing the right framework and how to make the document work for readers
MoUs, LoAs, HoTs, and where they fit
Signed agreements
Terms and conditions (and the ‘Battle of the Forms’)
Framework Agreements (including Group Framework Agreements)

Exercise: Translating business needs into agreement type
10:30 COFFEE
10:45 Amending third party agreements

Using defined terms
Consistency of language
Cross referencing and other potential pitfalls
Purpose and proportionality

Exercise: Amending a Group Framework Agreement to manage risk
Understanding legal language and using it correctly

Endeavours – best? Reasonable? Best commercial?
‘shall’ vs ‘will’
‘subject to’
Time is of the essence

Drafting for clarity:

Choosing your voice
The risk – length – tone triangle
Avoiding ambiguity – passive voice and contra proferentum
Layout and style

Exercise: Re-drafting for clarity
12:30 LUNCH
13:15 Statements of Work and Service Level Agreements

The purpose and power of SoWs, Scope, Work Orders etc
Key ingredients of your SoW
Avoiding common Service Credit and SLA drafting pitfalls
Dealing with uncertainty

Exercise: Reviewing, understanding and amending key SLA provisions
15:15 COFFEE
13:15 Reviewing and amending contentious clauses:

Limits and exclusions of liability

Exercise: Drafting alternatives to indemnities



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